About the Portal

The MAX Provider Portal was launched in 2014 to help local leaders gain a better understanding of metro Atlanta’s workforce ecosystem – namely, who is doing what, where, and for whom. These efforts led to the development of the broad and influential workforce development network we know as MAX. (Click here for more information on the origins of MAX.)

The 2014 campaign produced Portal 1.0 which captured a snapshot in time of organizations identified by the project team and willing to share their information for its development. Still, the portal reflected an incomplete list of providers serving in the region. It also did not allow providers to join once the campaign was completed and therefore was not able to take into account changes made to the landscape since 2014. That said, Portal 1.0 had undoubtedly created a tool to provide the most comprehensive picture of the landscape available for the Atlanta region.

In 2019, MAX launched a rebuilt portal, Portal 2.0, through the auspices of the MAX Provider Council, that builds upon the foundational work of Portal 1.0, including the incorporation of the WIOA eligible training providers. Portal 2.0 has been transformed into an even more dynamic tool for fostering connections. It includes some new and enhanced functionality. For example:

  • Portal 2.0 allows providers to create and maintain their own profiles on an ongoing basis
  • Portal 2.0 allows providers to be more specific about the services they provide and geographies they serve in
  • Portal 2.0 allows providers to be more specific about the occupations and industry sectors they support and note the industry recognized credentials they offer training in
  • Portal 2.0 allows providers to customize their profiles by sharing their logo, a photo, and organizational documents
  • Portal 2.0 allows providers to provide links to social media pages
  • Portal 2.0 allows users to keyword search on any information provided in a profile as well as search through more detailed filters. 
  • Portal 2.0 allows users to easily find providers located within the Atlanta Beltline and Aerotropolis Atlanta areas.
  • Portal 2.0 allows users to download their search results in an Excel file.

Portal 2.0’s development has been made possible via the sponsorship of Atlanta CareerRise, a pivotal anchor partner in developing Portal 1.0, and the talented work of Brandshake Creative. These efforts also benefited from a partnership with the TAG-Ed summer internship program.

Important Disclaimer

Portal 2.0 includes data based on a self-reporting nature. While it attempts to serve as a tool for providing the most comprehensive picture of metro Atlanta’s workforce development landscape, it’s comprehensiveness depends upon the participation of providers throughout the region.

Portal 2.0 contains information prepared and submitted by the providers or parties acting on their behalf and/or information available through public sources. MAX does not endorse any submission nor can we confirm the accuracy of the information or that it is free from omissions or errors. Users of the MAX Provider Portal accept these conditions and agree to not hold MAX responsible for any information accessed through the portal.

Get on the Map in the MAX Provider Portal

Portal 2.0 aims to continue to provide the most comprehensive picture of who is doing what, where, and for whom in workforce development for the Atlanta region. If your organization is not already represented in the portal, no worries, connecting to your organization through the portal is easy to set up.

Click here to create a profile in Portal 2.0.

Access the Portal

Click here to access Portal 2.0.