MAX MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Gregg Bedol, Founding Director, Watering Seeds Foundation, Inc.


Through periodic MAX Member Spotlights, our MAX team is honored to help our broader workforce development network get to know our members better in order to strengthen connections, collaborations, and practices among workforce developers and organizations engaged in workforce development. Here, our members share insights on how MAX is helpful in their work, accomplishments they’re most proud of, emerging trends they see as affecting workforce development, and more.

Why did you become a MAX member?

Watering Seeds ( is all about helping individuals from diverse and untapped backgrounds develop skills and become workforce ready. MAX seems to be the perfect organization with which we should be partnering.

How long have you been engaged with the MAX network?

1 to 2 years

How have you engaged through MAX in the past 12 months?

MAX Minutes, MAX Mondays

How many years have you served in the workforce development profession?

2 years

Why do you serve in this profession? What motivates you or inspires you to do what you do?

We believe in leveling the field and nurturing extraordinary. We want to change the definition of success from getting a job to long-term economic self-sustainability.

What is something you and/or your organization have accomplished in the past 12 months that you are most proud of?

We have started! Our initial pilot cohorts are with students from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. We are now kicking off programs with a cohort of recent graduates via Achieve Atlanta.

What are some emerging trends you see affecting the job seekers and employers served through our profession?

One can hire people from diverse, underestimated, first generation and untapped backgrounds, but one cannot expect them to succeed in the same way as more privileged new hires without some special support.

Is there anything you believe that we, as a profession, should do differently in the future to best serve those we serve?

Recognize that each individual brings their own perspective and unique frame of reference to their workplace, and help them be better prepared to succeed in a hyper-individualized manner.

What is a little-known fun fact about you?

I sing in two choruses, and am a musical theater fanatic.

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